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I have worked as self employed Antique Furniture Restorer and Conservator in Topsham since 1976

On graduating from Sussex University I learnt my basic craft skills in the Production Departments of Theatre Companies. I developed these basic skills by joining a long established Company for 5 years which focussed on the restoration and conservation of woodwork in Churches and on architectural joinery: older and more experienced craftsmen passed on their skills and techniques to my benefit.

My range of skills is extensive and includes:

  • Cabinet making

  • Surface Cleaning

  • French polishing

  • Wax Polishing

  • Gilding

  • Veneering

  • Inlay and Banding

  • Marquetry and Parquetry

  • Carving

  • Turning

  • Boulle

  • Metal and Lock repairs

  • Upholstering

I define antiques as of value to the owner and I take the same care and concern regardless of its financial value in the marketplace.

However, I consider I have a responsibility to ensure furniture is restored to maximise its value and longevity as I am aware of the long term costs and difficulties to the customer when furniture has been restored badly.

I am an accredited member of the British Antique Furniture Restorers' Association ( BAFRA) which is the only association of highly skilled and experienced restorers in the United Kingdom. Each prospective member is visited and personally vetted and assessed for their knowledge, skill and integrity.

I am also a member of:

  • the UK Institute for Conservation
  • the International Institute for Conservation
  • the Regional Furniture Society
  • the Conservation Unit of the Museum and Galleries Commission

My clients include private individuals, auction houses, museums, local authorities, insurance companies and the National Trust.

I am very happy to show customers around my workshop and provide examples of work I have done as I am only too aware that my customers need to know their furniture is in safe hands.


01392 874635
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Tony Vernon
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01392 874635


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